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The Mitsubishi AAM-4 (Type 99 air-to-air missile, 99式空対空誘導弾 (99 Shiki Kūtaikū Yūdōdan?)) is a medium-range active radar homing air-to-air missile developed in Japan and intended to replace the semi-active radar homing AIM-7 Sparrow missile in service. It has been operational since 1999.

Variants[edit | edit source]

AAM-4B Prototype

  • AAM-4B
Improved which aims to extend the stand-off range using the AESA seeker .[1]
  • XRIM-4
Ship-to-air variant .Stopped planning .
  • Ducted rocket flying object
Throttleable Ducted Rocket (TDR) Test model.

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