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US Navy 091117-N-4010S-236 Aircraft from CVW-5 (ANNUALEX 21G)

Aircraft fly overhead during an ANNUALEX 21G formation in 2009.

USN-JASDF ship and aircraft formations during ANNUALEX 2008 081119-N-7047S-140

USN-JASDF ships and aircraft formations during ANNUALEX 2008

ANNUALEX[1] or AnnualEx (AE) is a military exercise by the United States Navy and the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.[2]

It is annually held in the Southern Sea of Japan.[2]

The first ANNUALEX was held between November 5 and 15, 1996.[2] The latest was ANNUALEX 13g (Nov. 4–11, 2016) had an attendance of 750 American soldiers.[2]

The official definition reads: [ANNUALEX] …

… is a bilateral training exercise between the Navy and JMSDF conducted in the waters south of Japan, to practice and evaluate the coordination, procedures, and interoperability elements required to effectively and cohesively respond to the defense of Japan or to a regional contingency in the Indo-Asia-Pacific.


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