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Anzac Rifle Range1

The ANZAC Rifle Range is located on the Malabar Headland, south of Sydney. It is headquarters to the New South Wales Rifle Association, and hosts the annual NSW Queen's Prize shooting competitions. See Malabar Headland for further details.

Range historyEdit

1850s: recreational shooting began on the rifle range site.

1888: recreational target shooting reported to be in action.

1910: NSW Government dedicated the whole headland for military purposes.

1919: a permanent rifle range site was surveyed on the site.

1929: control of the rifle range was transferred to the Commonwealth.

1939–1945: various military installations (circa 43 in number) built on the site, notably the Boora Point Battery.

1967: NSW Rifle Association clubs transferred to the site from Holsworthy. It was a condition of the surrender of the Liverpool site that the Range would remain as such in perpetuity.

1968–1988: rifle range site used for extensive landfill operations, possibly from nearby industrial sites.

1970: name of the area changed to Anzac Rifle Range, Malabar.

1986: Commonwealth announced intention to dispose of property, and official military use ceased.

1990s: Legal action undertaken by NSW Rifle Association to prevent disposal of the site. The Supreme Court held that perpetuity does not mean perpetuity but that a notice period of 5 years would be required. The Commonwealth then contracts with the NSW Rifle Association with a key clause stating that the Association can stay at the Range until its proper relocation to another site in Sydney is achieved.

2011: Most Range users including the SSAA and the horse-riders are evicted from the Range. The NSW Rifle Association remains as the only Range occupier and user.

2012: The NSW Rifle Association wins its Supreme Court Action against the Commonwealth to enforce its contractual rights and so it remains on the Range as the only present user.

2013: The Liberal-National Party Coalition promises that the horse riders will be returned to the Range within 6 months of them winning the 2013 election. The NSWRA is to remain until their reallocation to another suitable site or failing that, is to remain permanently.

Coordinates: 33°57′40″S 151°15′28″E / 33.96111°S 151.25778°E / -33.96111; 151.25778 (Malabar Headland)

Clubs using the rangeEdit

See Malabar Headland for a full list of the headland users.

  • Military Rifle Clubs Association -
  • Metropolitan District Rifle Association
  • Bankstown Chatswood Rifle Club — A long range F-Class and target rifle club.
  • Alpine Hunting & Target Shooting Club Pty Ltd -

Clubs that no longer have access to the rangeEdit

  • Royal Australian Navy Rifle Reserve Club (RANRRC) - a multi-disciplinary club with a history dating back to some 70 years on the range.
  • Sporting Shooters Association (NSW) Inc

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