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Aderonke Kale was a Nigerian army psychiatrist who became the first female major-general in the Nigerian Army. She rose to command the Nigerian Medical Corps.


Aderonke Kale is a doctor of psychiatry and is a Yoruba.[1][2][3] She was a colonel and deputy commander of the Nigerian Army Medical Corps by 1990. She was later promoted to the rank of brigadier-general and in doing so became the first female general in West Africa.[2]

Kale was promoted to major-general in 1994 and became the first Nigerian woman to achieve that rank.[2][4] She was also the first female major-general in West Africa.[5] Her role was initially as chief phsyciatrist to the army.[2] Kale later became director of the entire Nigerian Medical Corps and was then Chief Medical Officer until 1996.[2][5] She retired in 1997.[6]

Kale had a son in 1975, Yemi Kale, who became statistician-general of Nigeria.[7] She provided land for the founding of the Bodija-Ashi Baptist Church in Ibadan.[8]


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