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Flag of Chief of the Naval Staff of the Bangladesh Navy
14.BNF-ADMF.svg British Royal Navy (sleeves) OF-9.svg
Shoulder and Sleeve Stripes of an Admiral in the Bangladesh Navy
Country  Bangladesh
Service branch  Bangladesh Navy
Abbreviation Adm
Rank Four-star rank
NATO rank OF-9
Formation 17 January 2016
Next higher rank Admiral of the Fleet
Next lower rank Vice Admiral
Equivalent ranks General  Bangladesh Army
Air Chief Marshal  Bangladesh Air Force

Admiral is a four Star commissioned naval flag officer rank in the Bangladesh Navy. It is the highest achieved rank in the Bangladesh Navy. Admiral ranks above the Three Star rank of Vice Admiral and below the Five Star rank of Admiral of the fleet, which has never been awarded or held.

The rank is denoted as a full fledged Admiral to extricate subordinate officers like Vice Admiral and Rear Admiral. The rank started its journey on 2016 when Admiral M. Farid Habib was promoted to this rank.[1] The Chief of Naval Staff (CNS) of Bangladesh only gets awarded with tis rank. The current Admiral and only CNS of Bangladesh Navy is Admiral Aurangzeb Chowdhury.[2][3][4][5][6][7][8]


The badges of rank have a Crossed sword and baton over four eight-pointed stars and the Shapla Emblem above, on a golden shoulder board.

The uniform code also has golden gorget patches with four stars which represents the four star rank.

In accumulation to this, the double-breasted reefer jacket have four golden sleeve stripes consisting of a broad band with three narrower bands.

Appointment and Term Length[]

The position is appointed by The Prime Minister of The People's Republic of Bangladesh with the advice and consent of the President of Bangladesh. The maximum length of the term is 4 years or earlier. The position constituted through the act of Navy Ordinance, 1961 (Ordinance No. XXXV of 1961).

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