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King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden in admiral's uniform

Most recent insignia of rank of a Swedish Amiral.

Vice Admiral

Rear Admiral

Flotilla Admiral

Admiral (Amiral in Swedish) is a naval rank in Sweden. According to current practice only royalties and the Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, if he were to come from the Swedish Navy, has the rank of full, four star, Admiral (amiral) in Sweden. The lower admiral's ranks currently existing are Vice Admiral (viceamiral, three star), Rear Admiral (konteramiral, two star) and Flotilla Admiral (flottiljamiral, one star). The rank of Flotilla Admiral was added on 1 July 2000, and simultaneously promotions to the rank Kommendör av 1. graden ("Captain of first rank") was discontinued. One to three star admirals are also addressed as "admiral" in daily speech.

The title of Riksamiral was the title of the chief of the Admiralty 1634 - 1791.

Riksamiraler (Admirals of the Realm)[]

  1. Baron Clas Eriksson Fleming (1571–1595)
  2. Knight Axel Nilsson Ryning (1601–1620)
  3. Baron Carl Carlsson Gyllenhielm (1620–1649)
  4. Count Gustav Otto Stenbock (1675)
  5. Baron Lorentz Creutz Sr. (1615–1676)

Amiralgeneraler (Admiral Generals)[]

  1. Baron Lorentz Creutz Sr. 1675
  2. Hans Wachtmeister
  3. Henrik af Trolle 1780
  4. Carl August Ehrensvärd 1792-1794

Amiraler (Admirals)[]

  1. Baron Klas Kristersson Horn af Åminne 1564
  2. Bengt Halstensson Bagge 1569
  3. Jacob Bagge
  4. Nils Göransson Stiernsköld
  5. Baron Claes Nilsson Stiernsköld 1661
  6. Cornelius Ankarstierna
  7. Baron Evert Fredrik Taube 1700
  8. Count Johan af Puke 1808
  9. Louis Palander af Vega 1900
  10. Baron Fredrik von Otter 1900
  11. HM King Gustav V 1907
  12. Count Carl August Ehrensvärd 1924
  13. Fabian Tamm 1947
  14. HM King Gustaf VI Adolf 1950
  15. Stig H:son Ericsson 1961
  16. HRH The Duke of Halland 1969
  17. Åke Lindemalm 1970
  18. HM King Carl XVI Gustaf 1973
  19. Bengt Lundvall 1978
  20. Bror Stefenson 1991

Viceamiraler (Vice Admirals)[]

  1. Olof von Unge
  2. Carl Olof Cronstedt d.ä.
  3. Nils Ehrenschiöld
  4. Fredrik Henrik af Chapman 1791
  5. Åke Lindemalm 1970
  6. Frank Rosenius 1998

Konteramiraler (Rear Admirals)[]

  1. Harald af Cristiernin 1795
  2. Count Baltzar von Platen
  3. Anders Grenstad 2005
  4. Jörgen Ericsson
  5. Torsten Lindh
  6. Arvid Lindman
  7. Jörgen Ericsson 2001
  8. Jan Thörnqvist 2011

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