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Ahmad Aladdin Arsalan Al-Shishani (died 17 November 2014) was a Jordanian military leader from Chechen descent.[1] He attained the rank of Major General. He was the only officer to have received the Jordanian Order of Military Gallantary Wisam al-Iqdam al-Askari twice. He was famous for leading the response to the 1976 terrorist attack on the Amman InterContinental Hotel.[2]

Death and burialEdit

Aladdin was receiving medical treatment in Germany when he died, aged 73.[1][3] He was subsequently buried on 19 November 2014 in the Chechen Cemetery in the city of Zarqa. He was buried with military honours. His funeral was attended amongst others by Prince Hashim Al Hussein, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mashal Al Zaben, the King Abdullah's advisor for tribal affairs Sharif Fawaz Bin Zaben and ministers and deputies.[2]


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