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Air Force Weapon Systems Command
WaSysKdo Lw.jpg
Active 2006–2013
Country Flag of Germany.png Germany
Branch Roundel of Germany – Type 1 German Air Force
Size 1,270
Part of Luftwaffenamt Wappen Air Force Office
Headquarters Cologne
Last commander Brigadier General Rudolf Maus

The Air Force Weapon Systems Command (GAFWSC; German language:Waffensystemkommando der Luftwaffe, WaSysKdoLw) was a German Air Force command authority of the division level, with the responsibility for air force logistics, armament, and in-service support controlling of the GAF material and airborne vehicles.

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Coordinates: 50°51′37″N 7°06′47″E / 50.8603°N 7.1130°E / 50.8603; 7.1130

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