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Air marshal
Flag of air marshal Pakistan Air Force.gif
Flag of an Air marshal in Pakistan Air Force
Three-stars, crossed swords and laurel device worn by a Pakistani air marshal
Country  Pakistan
Service branch Badge of the Pakistan Air Force.svgPakistan Air Force
Abbreviation AM, AIRMSHL
Rank Three-star
Non-NATO rank OF-8
Next higher rank Air chief marshal
Next lower rank Air vice-marshal
Equivalent ranks Vice Admiral
lieutenant general [1]

Air marshal /ɛərˈmɑːrʃl/ (abbreviated as AM or AIRMSHL) is a commissioned three-star military rank in Pakistan Air Force with a NATO's equivalent rank code of OF-8, ranks above two-star air vice marshal and below four-star air chief marshal, and while it is the second-highest rank of a military branch in uniformed services distinct from navy and army, it is equivalent to Vice admiral of navy and lieutenant general of army.[2][3]

Promotion to the rank of air marshal requires a solid record of military achievement by an air vice marshal.[4] However, the rank is also used for fighter pilots as a position advancement.[5] A two-star military aviator with no history of violations and immorality are promoted to the three-star rank in air force.[6][7]

Appointment and promotion[edit | edit source]

Air marshal is directly appointed and promoted by the federal government[5] in accordance with rules and regulations of air force ordinance.[8] An officer with two-star rank (air vice marshal) is appointed to the rank of air marshal throughout the Pakistan air force history.[9][10] It helds air chief marshal ranks upon next promotion.[11]

Statutory limits[edit | edit source]

Since it's the second-highest rank coupled with additional powers and benefits, the law of Pakistan restricts the use of unsanctioned power by a three-star marshal and can be constraint under a certain constitutional amendment.[12]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Pakistan Navy Vice Admiral.svg

Flag of three-star Vice admiral, Pakistan Navy

OF-8 PakistanArmy.svg

Insignia of three-star Lieutenant general Pakistan

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