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Air vice-marshal
Australia RAAF OF-7.svg
An Australian air vice-marshal's rank insignia
Country  Australia
Service branch Royal Australian Air Force
Abbreviation AVM
Rank Air Vice Marshal
NATO rank OF-7
Non-NATO rank O-8
Formation 1965
Next higher rank Air marshal
Next lower rank Air commodore
Equivalent ranks Rear admiral (RAN)
Major general (Army)

Air vice-marshal (abbreviated as AVM) is the third highest active rank of the Royal Australian Air Force and was created as a direct equivalent of the British Royal Air Force rank of air vice-marshal. It is also considered a two-star rank. The Australian Air Corps adopted the RAF rank system on 9 November 1920 and this usage was continued by its successor, the Royal Australian Air Force.[1]

Air vice-marshal is a higher rank than air commodore and is a lower rank than air marshal. Air vice-marshal is a direct equivalent of rear admiral in the Royal Australian Navy and major general in the Australian Army.

The insignia is one light blue band (on a slightly wider black band) over a light blue band on a black broad band.

The equivalent rank in the Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force,[2] was 'air chief commandant'.

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