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Albert Borlase Armitage (born 1864 in Balquhidder, Perthshire; died 31 October 1943) was a Scottish explorer of Antarctica and captain in the Royal Navy.

He was first a member of the Jackson-Harmsworth Expedition exploring Franz Josef Land. There, they found Fridtjof Nansen and his men, saving them from sure death.

Armitage was then Robert Falcon Scott's navigator and second-in-command on the Discovery Expedition to Antarctica. The other members were Ernest Henry Shackleton, George Mulock, Edward Adrian Wilson, Charles Royds, Frank Wild, Koettlitz, Skelton, Heald, Barne, Plumley, Quartley, Weller, Hare, Allen, Evans, Ferrar, Hodgson, Louis Bernacchi, Vince. On this expedition, he became the first person to walk on the polar plateau.

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