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The American Airpower Heritage Museum (AAHM) d.b.a. CAF Airpower Museum, is adjacent to the Commemorative Air Force (CAF, which in older days stood for "Confederate Air Force") Headquarters in Midland, Texas. The museum opened in its first building in Mercedes, Texas in 1965 as a location to house and display World War II artifacts as they began to be donated to the CAF. Both the CAF and AAHM moved to Harlingen, Texas in 1968. In 1989 the AAHM became a separate non-profit organization, and in 1991 both the AAHM and CAF moved to their current location.[1] The museum is an affiliate in the Smithsonian Affiliations program.[2]

Collections[edit | edit source]

The museum's collection focuses on the complete history of World War II military aviation culture and other material culture of this era. It has one of most complete collections of World War II aviation culture in the United States with items that represent all of the axis and allies that participated in the air wars of World War II. The AAHM collects items, artifacts, and historical information of inherent value to World War II aviation and related culture, focusing on the period of 1939 - 1945.

Featured collections in the museum include:

  • Over 4,900 oral histories from World War II Veterans of aviation
  • The largest collection of original World War II nose art panels in the world [3]
  • A library of over 6,000 books, over 13,000 periodicals, more than 900 videos, as well as newspapers, microfilm, and numerous technical and field manuals related to military aviation

American Combat Airman Hall of Fame[edit | edit source]

The museum contains the American Combat Airman Hall of Fame.

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