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American Battle Monuments Commission.

The American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) is a small independent agency of the United States government. Established by Congress in 1923,[1] it is responsible for:

  • Commemorating the services of the U.S. armed forces where they have served since April 6, 1917 (the date of U.S. entry into World War I)
  • Establishing suitable memorial shrines; designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining permanent American military burial grounds in foreign countries
  • Controlling the design and construction of U.S. military monuments and markers in foreign countries by other U.S. citizens and organizations, both public and private
  • Encouraging the maintenance of such monuments and markers by their sponsors[1]

The Commission administers, operates, and maintains 24 permanent American burial grounds on foreign soil. As of May 2006, there are 124,917 U.S. war dead interred at these cemeteries: 30,921 of World War I, 93,246 of World War II and 750 of the Mexican-American War. An additional 6,033 American veterans and others are interred in the Mexico City National Cemetery and Corozal American Cemetery and Memorial.[2]

Complete sortable list of ABMC cemeteries[edit | edit source]

Cemetery Country Conflict Web Video Booklet Coordinates
Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial France World War I Link .wmv .pdf 49°4′46″N 3°17′29″E / 49.07944°N 3.29139°E / 49.07944; 3.29139 (Aisne-Marne American Cemetery)
Ardennes American Cemetery and Memorial Belgium World War II Link .wmv .pdf 50°32′51″N 5°27′56″E / 50.5475°N 5.46556°E / 50.5475; 5.46556 (Ardennes American Cemetery)
Brittany American Cemetery and Memorial France World War II Link .wmv .pdf 48°31′12″N 1°18′6″W / 48.52°N 1.30167°W / 48.52; -1.30167 (Brittany American Cemetery)
Brookwood American Cemetery and Memorial United Kingdom World War I Link .wmv None 51°18′5″N 0°38′23″W / 51.30139°N 0.63972°W / 51.30139; -0.63972 (Brookwood American Cemetery)
Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial United Kingdom World War II Link .wmv .pdf 52°13′1″N 0°03′19″E / 52.21694°N 0.05528°E / 52.21694; 0.05528 (Cambridge American Cemetery)
Corozal American Cemetery and Memorial Panama Panama Canal Link .wmv 8°59′28″N 79°34′14″W / 8.99111°N 79.57056°W / 8.99111; -79.57056 (Corozal American Cemetery)
Epinal American Cemetery and Memorial France World War II Link .wmv .pdf 48°8′37″N 6°29′31″E / 48.14361°N 6.49194°E / 48.14361; 6.49194 (Epinal American Cemetery)
Flanders Field American Cemetery and Memorial Belgium World War I Link .wmv .pdf 50°52′25″N 3°27′8″E / 50.87361°N 3.45222°E / 50.87361; 3.45222 (Flanders Field American Cemetery)
Florence American Cemetery and Memorial Italy World War II Link .wmv .pdf 43°41′3″N 11°12′40″E / 43.68417°N 11.21111°E / 43.68417; 11.21111 (Florence American Cemetery)
Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial Belgium World War II Link .wmv .pdf 50°41′51″N 5°53′54″E / 50.6975°N 5.89833°E / 50.6975; 5.89833 (Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery)
Lorraine American Cemetery and Memorial France World War II Link .wmv .pdf 49°7′18″N 6°42′52″E / 49.12167°N 6.71444°E / 49.12167; 6.71444 (Lorraine American Cemetery)
Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial Luxembourg World War II Link .wmv .pdf 49°36′42″N 06°11′08″E / 49.61167°N 6.18556°E / 49.61167; 6.18556 (Luxembourg American Cemetery)
Manila American Cemetery and Memorial Philippines World War II Link .wmv .pdf 14°32′40″N 121°2′55″E / 14.54444°N 121.04861°E / 14.54444; 121.04861 (Manila American Cemetery)
Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial France World War I Link .wmv .pdf 49°20′3″N 5°5′23″E / 49.33417°N 5.08972°E / 49.33417; 5.08972 (Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery)
Mexico City National Cemetery Mexico Mexican War Link .wmv None 19°26′31″N 99°9′58″W / 19.44194°N 99.16611°W / 19.44194; -99.16611 (Mexico City National Cemetery)
Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial Netherlands World War II Link .wmv .pdf 50°49′15″N 5°48′13″E / 50.82083°N 5.80361°E / 50.82083; 5.80361 (Netherlands American Cemetery)
Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial France World War II Link .wmv .pdf 49°21′37″N 0°51′26″W / 49.36028°N 0.85722°W / 49.36028; -0.85722 (Normandy American Cemetery)
North Africa American Cemetery and Memorial Tunisia World War II Link .wmv .pdf 36°51′55″N 10°19′46″E / 36.86528°N 10.32944°E / 36.86528; 10.32944 (North Africa Cemetery)
Oise-Aisne American Cemetery and Memorial France World War I Link .wmv .pdf 49°12′8″N 3°32′53″E / 49.20222°N 3.54806°E / 49.20222; 3.54806 (Oise-Aisne American Cemetery)
Rhone American Cemetery and Memorial France World War II Link .wmv .pdf 43°32′10″N 6°28′23″E / 43.53611°N 6.47306°E / 43.53611; 6.47306 (Rhone American Cemetery)
Sicily-Rome American Cemetery and Memorial Italy World War II Link .wmv .pdf 41°27′55″N 12°39′30″E / 41.46528°N 12.65833°E / 41.46528; 12.65833 (Sicily-Rome American Cemetery)
Somme American Cemetery and Memorial France World War I Link .wmv .pdf 49°59′6″N 3°12′48″E / 49.985°N 3.21333°E / 49.985; 3.21333 (Somme American Cemetery)
St. Mihiel American Cemetery and Memorial France World War I Link .wmv .pdf 48°57′25″N 5°51′11″E / 48.95694°N 5.85306°E / 48.95694; 5.85306 (St. Mihiel American Cemetery)
Suresnes American Cemetery and Memorial France World War I Link .wmv .pdf 48°52′19″N 2°13′8″E / 48.87194°N 2.21889°E / 48.87194; 2.21889 (Suresnes American Cemetery)

Complete sortable list of ABMC monuments[edit | edit source]

Monument Country Nearest town Conflict Web
Audenarde American Monument Belgium Oudenaarde World War I Link
Belleau Wood American Monument France Belleau World War I Link
Bellicourt American Monument France St. Quentin World War I Link
Cabanatuan American Memorial Philippines Cabanatuan City World War II Link
Cantigny American Monument France Montdidier World War I Link
Chateau-Thierry American Monument France Château-Thierry World War I Link
Chaumont AEF Headquarters Marker France Chaumont World War I Link
East Coast Memorial USA New York City World War II Link
Guadalcanal American Memorial Solomon Islands Guadalcanal World War II Link
Honolulu Memorial USA Honolulu World War II Link
Kemmel American Monument Belgium Ieper (Ypres) World War I Link
United Nations Memorial Cemetery South Korea Busan Korean War Link
Montfaucon American Monument France Verdun World War I Link
Montsec American Monument France St. Mihiel World War I Link
Naval Monument at Brest France Brest World War I Link
Naval Monument at Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar World War I Link
Pointe du Hoc American Monument France St. Laurent-sur-Mer World War II Link
Papua American Marker New Guinea Papua World War II Link
Saipan American Memorial USA Saipan World War II Link
Santiago Surrender Tree Cuba Santiago de Cuba Spanish American War Link
Sommepy American Monument France St. Menehould World War I Link
Souilly American Headquarters Marker France Claye-Souilly World War I Link
Tours American Monument France Tours World War I Link
Utah Beach American Monument France Ste-Marie-du-Mont World War II Link
West Coast American Memorial USA San Francisco World War II Link
Western Task Force American Marker Morocco Casablanca World War II Link

Members[edit | edit source]

The authorizing legislation for the American Battle Monuments Commission (36 U.S.C., Chapter 21) specifies that the President will appoint 11 members to the commission and an officer of the regular Army to serve as the secretary.[3]

Chairmen of the ABMC[edit | edit source]


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