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A Soviet Propaganda Poster Mentioning Lenin (1920s)

And the Battle is Going Again (Russian : И вновь продолжается бой) also known as Lenin Is Young Again is a Soviet patriotic song released in 1974 about the October Revolution and Lenin. It was composed by Aleksandra Pakhmutova to lyrics written by her husband Nikolai Dobronravov.[1]


Russian Translation

Неба утреннего стяг
В жизни важен первый шаг,
Слышишь: реют над страною
Ветры яростных атак

И вновь продолжается бой,
И сердцу тревожно в груди.
И Ленин такой молодой,
И юный — Октябрь впереди

И Ленин такой молодой,
И юный — Октябрь впереди

Весть летит во все концы:
Вы поверьте нам, отцы, —
Будут новые победы,
Встанут новые бойцы


С неба милостей не жди
Жизнь для правды не щади,
Нам, ребята, в этой жизни
Только с правдой по пути


В мире — зной и снегопад
Мир и беден и богат
С нами юность всей планеты —
Наш всемирный стройотряд!


The flag of the morning sky
The first step is important in life
Do you hear: all across the country
The winds of furious attacks are tossing

The battle is going on again
The heart is worrying in the chest
And Lenin is young once again
And the young October is ahead

And Lenin is young once again
And the young October is ahead

The news is flying to all ends of the world
Believe us, fathers
There will be new victories
New warriors will rise!


Don't wait for mercies from the sky
Don't spare your life for truth
In this life, fellows
We stick only to truth


There are heat and snowfall in the world
The world is both poor and rich
The youth of the whole
planet is with us Our global construction brigade!



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