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Andrea Chandler
Allegiance United States
Service/branch US Navy
Years of service 1998-2008
Battles/wars Operation Iraqi Freedom
Awards Navy Achievement Medal
Other work farmer
Website Manor of Mixed Blessings

Andrea Chandler is an American farmer, writer, and retired sailor. After enlisting in the United States Navy in 1998, Chandler worked as a guided missile specialist on various destroyers,[1] serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom, for which she was awarded the Navy Achievement Medal.[2] Retiring in 2008, she worked on missile systems at a defense contractor before switching to small-scale agriculture,[1] her interest spurred by 4 chickens she had been given as a wedding gift.[3]

As a farmer and science communicator, Chandler has worked with The Livestock Conservancy[4] and been covered in The Independent[3] and The Piedmont Virginian.[5] As a Navy veteran and commentator on veterans' issues, she has been published or quoted in AlterNet,[6] Quartz,[7] and XoJane.[2]

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