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Anzio War Cemetery
Location Anzio, Lazio
Country Italy
Number of graves 1,056

The Commonwealth Anzio War Cemetery is to be found about a kilometer from Anzio town in the Lazio region of Italy. It is located 70 kilometres (43 miles) south of Rome. It should not be confused with the Sicily–Rome American Cemetery and Memorial, which is for Americans and is located in nearby Nettuno.

Description and history[]

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|date= }} Anzio War Cemetery is a special and communal cemetery for the local and surrounding peoples. It is well kept and contains 1,056 graves resulting from Operation Shingle in 1944 as part of World War II. Having seen the make up of the 1st Canadian Division which was sent there in 1944 it is clear from the graves that those who rest there were from the units of the 1st Division. The Anzio War Cemetery contains 1,056 Commonwealth burials from World War II. There were 1,037 identified casualties.


There is poem about the Anzio War Cemetery that was written by Michael Elliott-Binns.[1] It is written from the perspective of a man that had experienced a loss in the battle and that was writing for his own personal reasons.[1] The author later commented that "They [the fallen soldiers] seem to be buried on the doorstep of their home."[1]

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