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Archibald Cullen
Detail of the grant of arms to Archibald Cullen
Detail of the grant of arms to Archibald Cullen
Born 24 September 1887
Died 16 June 1968
Title Bishop of Grahamstown
Term 1931-1959
Predecessor Francis Phelps
Successor Robert Selby Taylor

Archibald Howard Cullen (24 September 1887 – 16 June 1968) was the sixth Bishop of Grahamstown.[1]

Early life and education[edit | edit source]

He was born on 24 September 1887 to William and Louisa (née Howard). He was baptized in the Parish of St Jude, Peckham on 20 November 1887.[2] His father was a Printer's Reader.[2] Cullen was educated at Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys.[3][4]

Ordained ministry[edit | edit source]

Ordained in 1916,[5] his first post was a curacy in Coalbrookdale.[6] During World War I he was a temporary chaplain to the Forces.[7] When peace returned he was vicar of Umzinto in the Diocese of Natal,[8] he later became chaplain and lecturer of Wells Theological College and then Vice-Principal of Leeds Clergy School.[8] In 1926 he became warden of St Paul's Theological College, Grahamstown until his appointment to the episcopate[9] in 1931.

Later life[edit | edit source]

He died on 16 June 1968.[10] in South Africa.

References[edit | edit source]

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