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French AMX-30 Desert Storm

An AMX-30 of the French 6th Light Armoured Division bivouaced near Al-Salman during Opération Daguet in the First Gulf War.

The Armoured Cavalry Branch (French language: Arme blindée cavalerie, ABC) is a component of the French Army. It was formed after the World War II by merging tank and cavalry branches. It operates the majority of France's armoured vehicles, though a small minority of France's armour is still operated by infantry regiments. It continues the traditions and mission of the French cavalry and horse artillery. Its training establishment is the Armoured Cavalry Branch Training School at Saumur.

Military doctrineEdit

==List of regiments==

Today the Armoured Cavalry Branch of the French Army consists of:

4 Tank regiments, which field 52x Leclerc main battle tanks each:

4 Cavalry regiments, which field a mix of AMX 10 RC and ERC 90 wheeled tanks:

5 combat support regiments:


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