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Army Command (Germany)
Country Flag of Germany.png Germany
Branch Bundeswehr Logo Heer with lettering German Army
Service history
Active 1 October 2012
Size 600 staff
Commanders Lieutenant General Bruno KasdorfLieutenant General Jörg VollmerMajor General Wolfgang Koepke
Current commander Deputy Inspector of the ArmyDeputy Inspector of the Army}
Command Sergeant Major Chief of StaffChief of Staff

The Army Command (German language:Kommando Heer, KdoHeer) is the high command of the German Army of the Bundeswehr. The command also is the staff of the Inspector of the Army, the Army's highest commander, who is considered its chief. It was formed in 2012, as a merger of the Army Office (Heeresamt), General Staff (Führungsstab des Heeres), and Army Forces Command (Heeresführungskommando), as part of a larger reorganization of the Bundeswehr. It is based at the Struzberg-Kaserne in Strausberg, Brandenburg.[1]


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Coordinates: 52°35′27″N 13°55′11″E / 52.5908°N 13.9196°E / 52.5908; 13.9196

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