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Army Operational Command
Hærens Operative Kommando
File:Army Operational Command CoA.png
Coat of Arms of the Danish Hærens Operative Kommando
Active 1990 (established)
1 January 1991 (activated)
Size 190 civilian & military
Major General Poul Kiærskou

Army Operational Command (Danish language: Hærens Operative Kommando ), short "HOK", is the Danish Army top authority. It is a Level.II command authority, directly under the Defence Command. HOK was formed on 1 January 1991.

The origin of HOK can be traced back to 1808, with the forming of the General staff. Initially located in Aarhus, per 1 August 1993 it has its headquarter in Karup, Denmark.

Due to the recent Defence agreement 2005-2009 many changes are currently in the process of being implanted, so the following subordinated list might not be fully complete or fully accurate. Directly subordinated is the following Level.III authorities.

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