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Army Training Centre, Pirbright
Pirbright Camp entrance - - 58993.jpg
Pirbright Camp entrance
Type Training Centre
Coordinates Latitude: 51.30373
Longitude: -0.66375
Built 1875
In use 1875-Present
Ministry of Defence

The Army Training Centre, Pirbright, located at Pirbright in Surrey, provides Phase 1 military training for elements of the British Army.


The War Office acquired circa 3,000 acres of land at Pirbright in 1875 and established rifle ranges and a training depot for the Brigade of Guards.[1] The current facilities at Pirbright, which were built in the 1950s and extended in the 1970s, are known as Elizabeth Barracks.[2] Additional facilities close by, which were completed in 2008, are known as Alexander Barracks.[3]


The Centre provides training for all recruits for the Army Air Corps, the Royal Regiment of Artillery, Royal Corps of Signals, the Royal Logistic Corps, the Adjutant General's Corps, the Royal Army Medical Corps and the Intelligence Corps.[4]


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