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Atlantic Command
Canadian Atlantic Command formation patch.png
Formation patch.
Active During the Second World War 1942-1945
Country Canada
Branch Canadian Army
Maj.-Gen. W. H. P. Elkins

Atlantic Command was a formation of the Canadian Army created during the Second World War to strengthen and administer home defence facilities on Canada's Atlantic Coast. A second major function was to train reinforcements to be sent to the Canadian divisions in Europe. Most of those soldiers received and trained with their personal weapons in Camp Debert before being transported by train to Halifax where they embarked on troop ships that took them to Britain.

Atlantic Command combined the pre-war Military District No. 6 (Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia) with Military District No. 7 (New Brunswick) and Military District No. 5 (the eastern part of the Province of Quebec bordering the Gulf of Saint Lawrence). Extending the existing military cooperation among Canada, the Dominion of Newfoundland and the United Kingdom, Atlantic Command also controlled Canadian personnel stationed in Newfoundland.

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Commanders[edit | edit source]

The following two generals served as General Officer Commander in Chief Atlantic Command:

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