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Attack on the Montclair Hotel
Part of Rhodesian Bush War
Operational scope Terrorist attack
Planned by Unknown
Target Guests staying at the Montclair Hotel
Date 9 May 1978
Executed by Flag of ZANU-PF.svg ZANLA
Casualties 2 killed
1 injured

The Attack on the Montclair Hotel was a terrorist attack on the hotel, which had once been popular among tourists spending their holidays in Rhodesia, by the Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army (ZANLA) on the 9th May 1978.[1] During the attack, the guerrillas fired at least three rocket‐propelled grenades at the hotel, before opening fire with AK-47 assault rifles.

During the attack, the guerrillas killed two Rhodesian civilians and wounded one American tourist. They were then chased away from the hotel by some of the staff who had armed themselves with guns, kept for protection from guerrillas. The two dead civilians were identified as Betty Verran of Juliasdale and Mrs. D. Groenewald of Salisbury.


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  • [2] New York Times, ‘Guerrillas Raid Hotel in Rhodesia, Killing 2 and Wounding American’

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