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Auchanachie Castle, also known as Achanachie Castle or Auchanachy Castle,[1] is a tower house dating from the sixteenth century, 5 miles north-west of Huntly, Aberdeenshire, Scotland.[2]


Auchanachie Castle probably began as a tall tower, reduced in height when an extension was added in the 17th century.[2] It was the home of the eldest son of the Gordons of Avochie. It passed to the second son of the fourth laird, whose family still own it.[2] Part of it which has been modernised is still lived in.[2]


The tower now has three storeys,[2] with a two-storey eastern extension at right angles.[2] The doorway bears the date 1594.[1] There is a large circular stair-tower in the angle, and it has shot-holes under the eaves, and arrow-slit windows.,[2]

There is a massive chimney-stack on the east front, although the fireplace has been closed.[2] By the chimney stack is a doorway with the inscription. FROM OVR ENEMIES DEFENDE VS O CHRIST.[1] There is a vaulted basement; bosses carry the arms of Campbell, Fraser and Gordon.[2] A step turnpike stair leads to the vaulted hall on the first floor, which is small.[2]

The building has been renovated and harled. There is a 17th-century circular dovecot, also harled, in the grounds of the tower.[1]

It is a grade A listed building.[3]

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