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August Delling
Born 19 October 1895
Died 17 June 1962(1962-06-17) (aged 66)
Place of birth Braunetsreid, Kingdom of Bavaria, German Empire
Place of death Battenberg
Allegiance Germany
Service/branch Artillery; flying service
Years of service 1914-1918
Rank Leutnant
Unit Jagdstaffel 34
Awards Military Merit Order, Iron Cross

Leutnant August Delling was a World War I flying ace credited with five aerial victories.

Early life and service in artilleryEdit

On 19 October 1895, August Delling was born on a farm at Braunetsreid in northeastern Bavaria. As World War I began, Delling joined the Bavarian artillery service in August 1914. By September, he was an Unteroffizier. On 1 September 1916, he was commissioned as a Leutnant and placed in command of an artillery unit.[1]

World War I aerial serviceEdit

On 25 June 1917, Delling transferred to the Luftstreitkräfte (German Air Service). He underwent pilot's training at the Bavarian Jastaschule 2 in Furth. Upon graduation, on 16 March 1918 he was posted direct to a fighter squadron, Royal Bavarian Jagdstaffel 34.[1] In accordance with German custom, Delling was allowed to mark his own Albatros D.V, serial numbered D.4483/17. Over the basic silvery white of the fuselage went a light red wash from nose to cockpit, with the same red in a wide band around the fuselage. Wings remained standard five-color lozenge camouflage. The tailplane maintained its stock coloring of green and lavender on top, but the undersides were light blue and the rudder was painted white.[2] Delling is also known to have operated a third or fourth hand Fokker Dr.I triplane, though probably without his personal markings.[3]

Between 6 April and 23 June 1918, Delling was credited with five confirmed aerial victories, but denied confirmation on a sixth credited to an anti-aircraft unit. On 3 August 1918, Delling left combat duty with Jasta 34 because of ill health. He would recoup to fly again as an instructor at Bavaria's Fliegerersatz-Abteilung (Replacement Detachment) 2.[1]

Post World War IEdit

August Delling survived the war and went on to become a director of the firm of Huecke and Buhren. He died on 17 June 1962[1] in Battenberg.[4]

Honors and awardsEdit

Sources of informationEdit

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