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Auguste Adolphe Marc Reynaud (7 May 1804, in Toulon – 4 February 1887, in Toulon) was a French naval surgeon and naturalist.[1][2]

As a naval surgeon, he obtained a "third-class" ranking in 1821. Beginning in 1846, he served as chief surgeon, and in 1858 was named inspector general of the Bureau of Medicine and Surgery.[1][3] During the Franco-Prussian War he was tasked with the organization of naval ambulance services.[4]

He took part in several sea voyages during his career, most notably in 1827/28 aboard the Chevrette, from which he collected zoological specimens during trips to India, Burma and the Dutch East Indies. In 1836 he became a correspondent member of the Académie Nationale de Médecine.[1]

The echinoid species Temnopleurus reynaudi is named in his honor.[5]

Published worksEdit

  • Dissertation sur la température humaine, considérée sous le rapport des âges, des tempéramens, des races et des climats, 1829.
  • Traité pratique des maladies vénériennes, 1845.[6]


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