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US Navy Aviation Psychologist insignia

The Aerospace Experimental Psychologist insignia is a military badge of the United States Navy which is issued to those members of the Navy Medical Service Corps who have been qualified as in-flight aviation observers with certification in psychology, in particular the psychology of in-flight aircraft close quarters and the mental stress of possible combat situations.

The Aerospace Experimental Psychologist insignia is one of the rarest badges of the United States Navy. Those obtaining the device must complete a doctoral degree in experimental, industrial-organizational, or clinical psychology, successfully pass the personal qualification standard (PQS) examination, and must complete standard aviation indoctrination training. The Aerospace Experimental Psychologist insignia is then only presented after final certification and completion of a pre-determined number of flight instruction hours.

The Naval Flight Surgeon Badge is similar to the Aerospace Experimental Psychologist insignia and it is possible for a service member to obtain both devices if the Medical Service Corps insignia was earned prior to designation as a Flight Surgeon[citation needed].

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