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Avro 613
Role Night bomber
National origin United Kingdom
Manufacturer Avro
Status Cancelled

The Avro 613 was a 1920s-proposed British design by Avro to meet an Air Ministry requirement for a twin-engined night bomber. A prototype was ordered but it was not built.


Air Ministry Specification B.19/27 was issued in August 1927 for a twin-engined night bombing landplane to replace the Vickers Virginia.[1] In May 1928, Avro designed the Avro 613 with two Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar engines to meet the specification.[1] Six companies submitted proposals and four were selected to be built for flight trials, the Avro 613, Fairey Night Bomber, Handley Page HP.38 and the Vickers Type 150.[1] A contract was placed with Avro to produce one prototype but it was not built.[1] The B.19/27 was won by the Fairey Night Bomber which became the Fairey Hendon, and the HP.38 was also ordered into production as the Handley Page Heyford.[1]


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