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Major Bahadur Singh Baral मेजर बहादुर शिं बराल
Major Bahadur Singh Baral in Military Uniform.
Major Bahadur Singh Baral in Military Uniform.
Born Bahadur Singh Baral
April 15, 1892(1892-04-15) (age 128)
Chuli Bojha, Deuchuli, Nawalparasi
Died 1962 A.D.
Bhaksu, India
Spouse(s) Saraswati Baral (deceased)
Children Khadgajeet Baral

Order of British India (OBI)

Member of the Victorian Order( M.V.O.)

Major Bahadur Singh Baral (Nepali language:मेजर बहादुर शिं बराल) (15 April 1892 – 16 October 1962 in Nawalparasi District, Nepal) was a national poet[1] of Nepal [2] and a military officer in the First Gorkha Rifle of the British Indian Army. He served as a major in the British Indian Army.[3] He is known for his contributions to Nepali literature. He wrote several poems which comprise "Baral ko Asu", a poem book written by him. It consists of poems of religion, patriotism, equality, social reforms, and the bravery of the Gorkhalis.

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Bahadur Singh Baral was born in Chuli Bojha, Deuchuli, of Nawalparasi District. He was well mannered and disciplined as a child. He was always punctual as he was brought up in a military environment. He was a brave and patriotic Gurkha. Both he and his father Sarwajeet Singh Baral were majors in the Second Battalion of the First Gorkha Rifle in the British Indian Army. Bahadur Singh Baral had commandeered the Second Battalion of the First Gorkha Rifle in World War II.

File:From Left, Jeet Jung Thapa, Rudhra Narayan Pradhan, Sarwajeet Singh Baral, Kalu Ram Thapa and Bahadur Singh Baral.jpg
File:Major Bahadur Singh Baral and his battalion in the Sahara Desert in 1918 A.D.jpg


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