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Barsebäck Castle
Barsebäck slott
Kävlinge Municipality
Swedish castle Barsebäck
Barsebäck Castle
Type Castle
Coordinates Latitude: 55.775833
Longitude: 12.951389
Built 1300s
Open to
the public

Barsebäck Castle (Swedish language:Barsebäck slott ) in the village of Barsebäck, Kävlinge Municipality, close to the shore of Öresund in Scania, southern Sweden, has existed in various versions at its present location since the 12th century. It received its current shape during a major renovation and rebuilding in 1889 and 1940. The current main structure is a three-story 19th-century reconstruction in Dutch Renaissance style, made to resemble the many original Renaissance castles still remaining in the Scanian landscape.


After the Scanian War, Barsebäck Castle was, along with all other castles owned by the Scanian noble family Thott, confiscated by the Swedish Crown, and thus became Crown property. In 1743, the castle was bought by the Swedish Colonel and Regimental Commander Gustaf David Hamilton, stationed in Malmö, an ancestor of the current owner.


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