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Battle of Arnee
Part of the Second Carnatic War
Date3 December 1751
LocationArni, India
Result Decisive British victory
British East India Company flag.svg British East India Company
Maratha allies
Royal Standard of the King of France.svg French East India Company
Fictional flag of the Mughal Empire.svgNawab of Arcot
Commanders and leaders
Robert Clive Fictional flag of the Mughal Empire.svgChanda Sahib
Fictional flag of the Mughal Empire.svgRaza Sahib
1,500 soldiers
200 British
700 Sepoys
700 Maratha cavalry
4,800 soldiers
300 French
2,500 Indian Infantry,
2,000 Indian Cavalry
Casualties and losses
light 400+

The Battle of Arnee (or Battle of Arni) took place at Arni, India on 3 December 1751 during the Second Carnatic War. A British-led force under the command of Robert Clive defeated and routed a much larger Franco-Indian force under the command of Raza Sahib.[1]

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Bibliography[edit | edit source]

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