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Battle of Braşov
Battle of Kronstadt
Part of Long War (Ottoman wars)
Hans von Aachen - Allegory of the Turkish war- Battle of Kronstadt (Braşov).jpg
Battle of Braşov. Some flags were captured in the Battle of Guruslău (1601) by Michael and Basta. By Hans von Aachen, 1603-1604
DateJuly 17, 1603
45°39′N 25°36′E / 45.65°N 25.6°E / 45.65; 25.6Coordinates: 45°39′N 25°36′E / 45.65°N 25.6°E / 45.65; 25.6
Commanders and leaders
Radu Şerban Mózes Székely

The Battle of Braşov (German language: Battle of Kronstadt; Hungarian language: Battle of Brassó) was fought on July 17, 1603, between the troops of Wallachia led by Radu Şerban and the Habsburg Empire on one side and the Transylvanian troops led by Mózes Székely on the other side. Mózes Székely was killed on the battlefield, and the Wallachian lord Radu Şerban became ruler of Transylvania for until September 1603, when Giorgio Basta and the imperial commissioners took control of the country in the name of the emperor.[1]


  • Bătălia de la Braşov, 17 iulie 1603, Gazeta Transilvaniei, 1900.


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