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Battle of Campo delle Mosche
Date23 July 1359
LocationCampo delle Mosche, Pontedera, Pisa
Coordinates: 43°39′36″N 10°37′48″E / 43.66°N 10.63°E / 43.66; 10.63
Result Florentine victory
Florence Great Company
Commanders and leaders
Pandolfo Malatesta Konrad von Landau
3000 cavalry, 500 foot, 2500 archers 500 cavalry, 1000 foot

The Battle of Campo delle Mosche (Battle of the Field of the Flies) took place on 23 July 1359 in the district of Pontedera in the state of Pisa, Italy between the forces of Florence and those of the mercenary Great Company. It resulted in a victory for the Florentine forces.

Starting Operations[]

In 1359 Florence reacted to extortion threats by the Great Company under Konrad von Landau by assembling an army, with the help of Padua, Milan, Ferrara and Naples, to oppose them. The Great Company had 500 cavalry and 1000 Hungarian foot soldiers whilst the Florentine forces under the command of Pandolfo Malatesta numbered 3,000 cavalry, 500 Hungarians and 2500 archers.

The battle[]

The Company troops established themselves in a defended position at Campo delle Mosche. But after being besieged by Malatesta for several days with no food or water they broke up and fled.


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