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Battle of Dilam
Part of the Unification of Saudi Arabia
Date27 January 1903
LocationDilam, Arabia
Result Sultanate of Nejd victory
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il.svg Al Rashid Flag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Emirate of Nejd and Hasa
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Emirate of Ha'il.svg Abdul-Aziz bin Mitab Flag of the Third Saudi State-01.svg Abdulaziz Ibn Saud
4,000 3,500
Casualties and losses
250 160

Battle of Dilam was a major battle of the Unification War between Rashidi and Saudi rebels. It occurred on 27 January 1903, in the town of Dilam south of Riyadh, the capital of the present day Saudi Arabia.

After one year of conquest of Riyadh, Ibn Saud planned to grap Rashidis away from Riyadh by fake news. Ibn Saud deployed 1,000 fighters in Riyadh and left the city with another 3,500 and captured Dilam. Rashidis followed Ibn Saud to Dilam in order to finish him off and regain control on Dilam. During the battle Rashidis lost 250 men, and totally lost control of southern Nejd.

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