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Battle of Dolinskoye
Part of First Chechen War
DateDecember 12, 1994 - ?
LocationDolinskoye, Chechnya
Result Chechen tactical victory
Flag of Russia.svg VDV, RAF Flag of Chechen Republic of Ichkeria.svg National Guard
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Vakha Arsanov, Hussein Ikshanov
Casualties and losses
At least 21 killed (initial attack), reportedly 200 total Unknown

The Battle of Dolinskoye (Dolinskoe, Dolinsky), which took place 25 kilometers northwest of the Chechen capital of Grozny, was the first major ground engagement of the First Chechen War.


The battle began on December 12, 1994, when six officers (including two colonels) and 13 enlisted men of the Russian Airborne Troops died in a surprise 9K51 Grad multiple rocket launcher attack on an advancing column of armored vehicles of the 106th Airborne Division and 56th Airborne Brigade.[1] The Russian side immediately retaliated with a helicopter gunship and ground attack aircraft airstrikes on the Chechen positions.[2]


By December 22, 1994, Dolinskoye continued to hold out against Russian fire.[3] According to the Chechen commander Hussein Ikshanov, in 1995 Russians admitted losing up to 200 men in the battle.[4]


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