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Battle of Four Lakes
Part of the Coeur d'Alene War, Yakima War
Date September 1, 1858
Location Near present day Spokane, Washington
Result United States victory
Flag of the United States (1858-1859).svg United States Yakama
Coeur d'Alene
Commanders and leaders
United States George Wright Kamiakin
~600 ~5,000

The Battle of Four Lakes was a battle during a US Army expedition against a confederation of Native American tribes in Washington and Idaho. Native resistance to U.S. intrusion in the area had continued as part of the Yakima War. Commander of the Department of the Pacific, General Newman S. Clarke sent a force under Colonel George Wright to deal with the native resistance. Wright's troops were armed with the new Springfield Model 1855 Rifle-Musket giving them an advantage over the Native Americans. Chief Kamiakin attacked Wright near present day Spokane, Washington. Wright counterattacked and drove off the Native warriors inflicting heavy losses while reportedly not losing a single U.S. soldier due to the long range (500+ yards) of the new Springfield Model 1855 Rifle-Musket vs. the short range (50-100 yards) of the Indian's smoothbores. The Native people were cut down by the long range rifle fire well before they could get in range with their smoothbores. There were many Native American casualties during this conflict.

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