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Battle of Gemmano
Part of the Italian Campaign of World War II
The British Army in Italy 1944 NA18394.jpg
Platoon commanders of 7th Ox and Bucks Regiment plan the attack on the village of Gemmano, 6 September 1944.
Date4–15 September 1944
LocationGemmano, Italy
Result Allied victory
 Nazi Germany

 Great Britain

  •  British India
Commanders and leaders
Lt-Gen Traugott Herr Lt-Gen Charles Keightley
German LXXVI Panzer Corps British V Corps

The Battle of Gemmano was fought between the German and Allied forces in World War II. It was part of the Allies' Operation Olive, the offensive in August 1944 on the Gothic Line, the German line of defence in the Apennines in northern Italy. It consisted of a series of four British attacks between 4 September to 15 September 1944, on the German defences in and around the village of Gemmano. The village itself was taken on 9 September during the second attack, two more actions being required to take the surrounding area. Fighting was heavy, and the Battle of Gemmano has been called the "Cassino of the Adriatic" by some historians.

Order of battle[edit | edit source]

Germany Britain and Empire
191st Regiment
194th Regiment
211th Regiment
117th Regiment
289th Regiment
290th Regiment
85th Regiment
100th Regiment
95th Mountain Artillery
992nd Regiment
993rd Regiment
994th Regiment
278th Rifle Battalion
2nd Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
128th Infantry Brigade
138th Infantry Brigade
139th Infantry Brigade
9th The Manchester Regiment
6th The Cheshire Regiment
167th Infantry Brigade
168th Infantry Brigade
169th Infantry Brigade
2nd Royal Tank Regiment
8th Royal Tank Regiment
51st Royal Tank Regiment
North Irish Horse
142nd Royal Armoured Corps
5th Infantry Brigade
7th Infantry Brigade
11th Infantry Brigade
6th Royal Tank Regiment
12th Royal Lancers

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