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Battle of Gorni Dubnik
Part of the Russo-Turkish War (1877–1878)
Date24 October 1877
LocationKaza of Plevne, Sanjak of Ruschuk, Danube Vilayet, Ottoman Empire
(Gorni Dabnik, Pleven Province, Bulgaria)
Result Russian victory
 Russian Empire  Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Joseph Gourko Ahmed Hifzi Pasha

20 battalions 18,000[1]

56 guns[2]
Casualties and losses

829 killed

2482 wounded[3]

1,500 killed & wounded
2,289 prisoners

4 guns[3]

In an effort to reduce the fortress of Pleven quicker, Russian forces began targeting garrisons along the Ottoman supply and communications route. A significant garrison had been reduced at the Battle of Lovcha in September. General Joseph Vladimirovich Gourko was called up from the Shipka Pass area to deal with more of the garrisons protecting Pleven.

On October 24 Gourko attacked the fortress of Gorni-Dubnik. The Russian attack met heavy resistance but two other Russian columns were able to easily push back the Ottoman lines. The Finnish Guard sharpshooter battalion participated on the battle and stormed the fortress walls. Gourko continued the attacks and the garrison commander Ahmed Hifzi Pasha surrendered. Within the month several more Ottoman garrisons were to fall including Orhanie. By October 24 the Russian army had surrounded Plevna which capitulated December 10.

The battle is commemorated in the Finnish Guard Regiment March. October 24 is the honorary day of the descendant of the Finnish Guard sharpshooter battalion, the Finnish Guard Jaeger Regiment.

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Coordinates: 43°22′43″N 24°21′8″E / 43.37861°N 24.35222°E / 43.37861; 24.35222

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