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Battle of Kenapacomaqua
Part of Northwest Indian War
DateAugust 7, 1791
LocationCass County, Indiana, United States
Result U.S. Victory
Wea Branch of Miami Tribe  United States
Commanders and leaders
unknown James Wilkinson
60(?) warriors 525 militia
Casualties and losses
9 killed
34 captured
2 killed
1 wounded

The Battle of Kenapacomaqua, also called the Battle of Old Town,[1] was a raid in 1791 by United States forces under the command of Lieutenant Colonel (later Brigadier General) James Wilkinson on the Miami (Wea) town of Kenapacomaqua on the Eel River approximately six miles upstream from present-day Logansport, Indiana.[2] Under the overall command of Brigadier General Charles Scott, Wilkinson led a force of more than 500 Kentucky militia. They attacked Kenapacomaqua on August 7, 1791. Two Kentuckians and nine Miami died in the encounter. By Wilkinson's own account, the Miami dead included only six warriors.[3] Two of the dead were women. One was a child. Thirty-four Miami prisoners were taken and one U.S. captive was released.

Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. The action had no official name. Wilkinson's account of the operation refers to the town both by its Miami name (which means "Eel River Town") and its French name, "L'Anguille." "Old Town" or "Olde Towne" was a name given the town by later Anglo-American settlers.
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  3. Wilkinson's account of the expedition is found at Indiana University, Glenn Black Laboratory, American State Papers, Indian Affairs, March 3, 1789 to March 3, 1815, vol. 1, p. 134. Another account is found in James Handasyd Perkins and John Mason Peck, Annals of the West (1857) pp. 569-570.

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