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The Battle of Laski and Anielin took place on October 22–26, 1914, during World War One. 1st Brigade, Polish Legions, a unit of the Austro-Hungarian Army commanded by Jozef Pilsudski, clashed with the Imperial Russian Army near Anielin and Laski. The battle was part of the so-called Ivangorod Operation, during which the Austro-Hungarians tried to capture the Deblin Fortress (known at that time as Ivangorod), and cross the Vistula. The battle began in the night of October 22/23, 1914, when 3rd Company of 3rd Battalion of Captain Edward Rydz-Smigly was sent on a reconnaissance mission near the fortress. At the same time, Austrian headquarters ordered 1st Legions Regiment to seize the crossings over the Zagozdzonka river and capture hills located on its eastern bank. The Regiment was tasked with holding these positions until the arrival of Austrian 46th Division, and its two battalions: 5th and 6th were sent into the battle. In the morning the battalions achieved the objectives, followed by other subunits of the Regiment. In the afternoon, a battle with three Russian regiments took place near Anielin. On October 23, 1st Battalion of Captain Michal Zymierski captured Russian trenches near the village of Laski. Polish forces suffered heavy losses, with a number of officers killed. In the night of October 23/24, additional Polish battalions entered the battle, but the Russians had initiated their own attack, and Austrian soldiers retreated. To avoid encirclement, Polish battalions also had to abandon their positions, in the night of October 26/27. In 1933, at the Zytkowice rail station, located in the village of Brzustow, Masovian Voivodeship, a commemorative monument was erected, with names and nomes de guerre of Polish Legions soldiers, killed in the Battle of Laski and Anielin. The Battle of Laski and Anielin is commemorated on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Warsaw, with the inscription "LASKI ANIELIN 21-24 X 1914”.

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