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Battle of Lebanon
Part of the American Civil War
Date5 May 1862
LocationLebanon, Tennessee
Result Union victory
United States United States (Union) Confederate States of America CSA (Confederacy)
Commanders and leaders
Ebenezer Dumont John Hunt Morgan
600[1] 800[2]
Casualties and losses
10 killed
21 wounded
5 missing[3]
60 killed
unknown wounded[4]
150 captured[5]

The Battle of Lebanon was a small battle fought near Lebanon, Tennessee during American Civil War on 5 May 1862. There was another "battle of Lebanon" fought in Kentucky which also involved Confederate Cavalry under John Hunt Morgan.


Union General Ebenezer Dumont pursued Colonel John Hunt Morgan’s Confederate Cavalry with a force from the Nashville Garrison. Dumont's force consisted of detachments from 1st Kentucky Cavalry under Colonel Wolford, 4th Kentucky Cavalry under Colonel Green Clay Smith and the 7th Pennsylvania Cavalry under Colonel Wynkoop. Morgan's force was the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment.


Dumont surprised Morgan early on the morning of 5 May 1862.[6] A 15 mile running battle ensued in which the Confederates were forced to retreat. During the fighting Confederate sympathizers in the town fired upon the Union Cavalry.[7] Many of the remaining Confederates barricaded within the buildings surrendered when Dumont threatened to set the town on fire.


150 Confederates were taken prisoner including Lt. Colonel Wood. Colonels Smith and Wolford of the Union force were wounded.


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