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Battle of Lode
Part of Livonian War
DateJanuary 23, 1573
LocationKoluvere, near Lode in Estonia
Result Decisive Swedish victory
Naval Ensign of Sweden.svg Sweden Flag of Russia.svg Tsardom of Russia
Commanders and leaders
Clas Åkesson Tott Simeon Bekbulatovich
1,300 men 16,000 men
Casualties and losses
light 5,000–7,000

Battle of Lode was a battle fought during the Livonian War, between Sweden and Russia at January 23, 1573. The battle was won by the Swedes.


At 23 January a Swedish army of 700 infantry and 600 cavalry under command of Clas Åkesson Tott clashed with an Russian army of 16,000 men under the command of Simeon Bekbulatovich, by the village of Koluvere, just outside Lode. Swedish commander Tott, gave orders to his cavalry to engage the Russians. Despite being heavily outnumbered they managed to tear up their formations and break in, but was later forced to retreat over the mighty numbers. Tott, However, used this opportunity to strike with his infantry and cavalry once more and after a while the whole Russian force was scattered and fled. The Swedish cavalry persecuted and cut down many Russians on their rout.

It is said the Russian force lost about 7,000 men during the battle, which, most likely is of exaggerated numbers – however, they were probably heavy. The Swedish casualties were light. Tott returned to Reval with all their artillery, hundreds of horses and a big amount of sleds the Russians left during their rout. The Russian Czar, Ivan IV later began peace negotiations and sent a letter to Johan III king of Sweden. But due to the previous mistreated negotiations he doubted the Russians will to make peace.


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