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Battle of Nanjing (1853)
Part of the Taiping Rebellion
DateMarch 1853
LocationNanjing and surrounding areas
Result Taiping troops victory, Fall of Nanjing, changed name of Tianjing(天京)
Qing Dynasty Qing Dynasty
Green Standard Army
Taiping rebels
Commanders and leaders
Qing Dynasty Lu Jianying
Imperial Inspector Minister Xiang Rong
Qin Rigang
Yang Xiuqing
Wei Changhui
40,000-60,000 men(included Eight Banners 20,000) 550,000 men
Casualties and losses
~30,000 military personnel, ~30,000 civilians 10,000

The Battle of Nanjing (1853) (Chinese: 太平軍攻佔南京; pinyin: Taiping jun gongzhan Nánjīng; Wade–Giles: Nan-ching Pao-wei Chan) began after the fall of Wuhan on March 8, 1853, and ended with the fall of the capital city of Nanjing on March 19, 1853 to Taiping troops, a few days after the Qing Government had evacuated the city.

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Draft History of Qing

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