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Battle of Nigoiti
Part of Crimean War
Date20–27 May 1854
LocationNigoiti, Ozurget Uyezd, Kutais Governorate, Russian Empire
Result Russian victory
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg Russian Empire Ottoman flag.svg Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Russian Empire (black-yellow-white).svg Ivane Andronikashvili Ottoman flag.svg Mehmed Selim Pasha
2 battalions, 4 cannons 12,000
Casualties and losses
600 killed and wounded 3,000 killed and wounded

The battle of Nigoiti took place between 20 and 27 May 1854 the village of Nigoiti in Guria during the Crimean war.

Russo-Georgian detachments, under the command of Ivane Andronikashvili, met an invading Ottoman force that had crossed the Choloki river, the border between the Russian and Ottoman Empires. Ozurgeti, the capital of Guria, had been occupied by the Ottoman since 11 April, and with the Russian victory at Nigoiti it allowed the Russian forces under Andronikashvili to move towards it, leading to the Battle of Choloki on 4 June.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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