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Battle of Northern Burma and Western Yunnan
Part of the Second Sino-Japanese War of the Pacific War
Camouflaged Chinese soldiers repel a Japanese banzai charge of 50,000 men along the Salween River near Burma
DateOctober 1943 - March 1945
LocationNorthern Burma and Western Yunnan
Coordinates: 22°49′48″N 97°08′24″E / 22.83°N 97.14°E / 22.83; 97.14
Result Allied victory
 Republic of China
 United States
 United Kingdom
 Empire of Japan
Commanders and leaders
Taiwan Wei Li-huang
United States Joseph Stilwell
United States Daniel Isom Sultan
Japan Masakazu Kawabe
Japan Heitarō Kimura
400,000 150,000
Casualties and losses
107,000 108,000

Battle of Northern Burma and Western Yunnan (Chinese: 滇西缅北会战 October 1943 – March 1945) was the name of the Chinese campaign with their allies in the 1943-45 Burma Campaign. The Japanese troops initially had the winning side. However, their banzai charges failed to have much effect against the Allied troops who used camouflage tactics. The Allied forces eventually won the battle.

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