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Battle of Pai-t'ou-tzu
Part of the Boxer Rebellion
LocationPai-t'ou-tzu, China
Result Entire barracks of Russians wiped out
Eight-Nation Alliance Qing Dynasty Qing Dynasty
Righteous Harmony Society
Commanders and leaders
Russia P. Mishchenko Qing Dynasty
Russian troops Chinese Imperial Army

The Battle of Pai-t'ou-tzu (Pinyin: Baitouzi) was a battle where Chinese forces battled against the invading Russian army in the Boxer Rebellion.

Battle[edit | edit source]

A settlement of Russians existed close to the village, which lay close to Liaoyang. It was garrisoned by 204 Russian troops under a Colonel Mishchenko. When hostilities began, the Chinese advanced a guarantee of safe passage in exchange for his retreat to south of Liaoyang, it was declined, and instead Mishchenko called for more Russian troops to reinforce his position.[1]

During the ensuing battle, Chinese guns bombarded the Russian right and front flanks, resulting in 14 Russian deaths and 5 wounded. From long range, fired at high angles, Chinese artillery hit their marks, but when at close range, artillery shells missed. Chinese infantry armed with rifles advanced, crawling under the artillery fire towards the Russian defense perimeter of 350 feet square. When the Russians stopped for meal, the Chinese responded by renewed attack. Chinese forces alternated between advance and retreat, and the Chinese Killed several invading Russians and possibly wiped out the whole of the Russian soldiers.[2]

Notes[edit | edit source]

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