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Battle of Paso de Cuevas
Part of the Paraguayan War
Date August 12, 1865
Location Corrientes Province, Argentina
Result Allied victory.
  • Warships successfully pass.
Flag of Argentina.svg Argentina

Empire of BrazilEmpire of Brazil

Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay
Commanders and leaders
Argentina José Murature
Empire of Brazil Francisco Manuel Barroso da Silva
Paraguay José María Bruguez
Naval Jack of Brazil12 ships (3 frigates,3 corvettes, 5 gunboats and 1 transport) with 60 cannons
Naval Jack of Argentina 1 ship gunboat.
3,000 soldiers
36 cannons
Casualties and losses
59 killed unknown

The Battle of Paso de Cuevas was fought on August 12, 1865 during the Paraguayan invasion of the Argentine province of Corrientes.

He delivered the August 12, 1865 between the Argentine-Brazilian allied fleet and the Paraguayan invasion forces off the coast of the province of Corrientes, was the last operation of naval combat Argentine Navy at war with foreign nations to the Falklands War.


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