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Battle of Paso de Mercedes
Date July 18, 1865
Location Corrientes Province, Argentina
Result Brazilian victory.
  • Warships successfully pass.
Empire of BrazilEmpire of Brazil Flag of Paraguay.svg Paraguay
Commanders and leaders
Empire of Brazil Francisco Manuel Barroso da Silva Paraguay José María Bruguez
11 ships with 50 cannons:
2 frigates
3 corvettes
5 gunboats
1 transport
3,000 soldiers with 24 cannons
Casualties and losses
14 casualties unknown

The Battle of Paso de Mercedes was fought on July 18, 1865 during the Paraguayan invasion of the Argentine province of Corrientes.

The José María Bruguez Paraguayan commander then decided to settle between the location of the Imperial fleet and the mouth of the estuary in order to cut their communications , so he moved his battery to Punta Mercedes, about 15 miles north of Stonehouse ( Corrientes), to kilometer 1157 of the Paraná river.

The river had chosen position less than 2 km wide and canyons , about 20 m high, allowed him to dominate the pitch with their artillery. Bruguez had 22 guns 4 to 18 and 2 to 32 received after the action of the Riachuelo. It was supported by three infantry battalions under Major Aquino and a squadron of cavalry, a total of 3000 men.

Upon hearing the flank movement , Barroso feared effectively be cut off from his base of operations and ordered back downstream.

His squadron consisted of Amazonas ( flagship ) , Ivahy , Apa, Ipiranga , Maje , Iguatemy , Beberibe , Araguary , Parnahyba , Mearim , Belmonte and Itajaí vapors.

On July 18 Brazilians crossed over by a heavy cannonade and musketry fire Paraguayan . In stock had 14 casualties : 2 dead (one commander of St. Anne Beberibe Joaquim Bonifacio ) and 12 wounded.

Once past the obstacle , Barroso continued until 1120 km Paraná , 20 km south of Stonehouse , and anchored in the Chimbolar , where he met Argentine National Guard steam .

Bruguez meanwhile, back up batteries and headed once again down river to Punta Cuevas, 25 km south of the town of Bella Vista correntina . Barroso repeated his reaction and there occurred August 12, 1865 Combat Step Cuevas.


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