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Battle of Passo Fundo
Part of Federalist Riograndense Revolution
Date 29 June 1894
Location Passo Fundo, Brazil
Result Republican victory
Brazil First Brazilian Republic Rio Grande do Sul Federalist Riograndense Rebels Military Support
Flag of the National Party (Uruguay).svg Uruguayan volunteers
Commanders and leaders
Pinheiro Machado Aparicio Saravia
Casualties and losses
240 killed[1] 400 killed[1]

The Battle of Passo Fundo was a military engagement fought between forces of the First Brazilian Republic and various military units affiliated with the Federalist Riograndense Revolution.[1] The battle, which was fought on 29 June 1894 along the Passo Fundo River (in the state of Rio Grande do Sol),[2] was the largest battle of the failed Federalist Revolution. It ended in a victory for the Brazilian Republic.[3][4]


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