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Battle of Peiwar Kotal
Part of Second Anglo-Afghan War
Battle of Peiwar Kotal
"Storming the Peiwar Kotal," by Vereker Monteith Hamilton
Date November 28-November 29, 1878
Location Kurram Valley
Result British Victory
United KingdomBritish Empire

British Raj India

Commanders and leaders
Sir Frederick Roberts Karim Khan
13 guns
25 guns
Casualties and losses
21 killed, 75 wounded 200 casualties (Estimate)

The Battle of Peiwar Kotal was fought on November 28–29, 1878 between British forces under Sir Frederick Roberts and Afghan forces under Karim Khan, during the opening stages of the Second Anglo-Afghan War. The British were victorious, and seized the strategic Peiwar Kotal Pass leading into Afghanistan.

Order of battleEdit

British RegimentsEdit

Indian RegimentsEdit


Captain John Cook was awarded the Victoria Cross for his role in the battle.


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